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A remarkable brand, Berkley was born in the United States back in 1937. Grown from a small one-man company that only sold home-made lures, Berkley is now known worldwide and almost every angler owns a Berkley product. That's not surprising, because Berkley products are very effective and very affordable. Nowadays, Berkley products consist of lures, nylon fishing line and braided line, rods, hooks, fishingbags and folding bags, bellyboats and accessories, and of course the unrivalled Berkley Powerbait.

Berkley line

When it comes to lines, Berkley is unbeatable. Back in 1959, Berkley introduced its famous Trilene line. This nylon line is still available today and is very popular among anglers of all disciplines. The lines are abrasion resistant, have low memory and low stretch. In addition to the popular nylon lines, Berkley is also very strong in the field of Dyneema, or braided lines. Lines like Berkley Spiderwire and Berkley Fireline are improved year after year and have dominated the market for years. Not only predator anglers, but also feeder and saltwater anglers are wildly enthusiastic about these quality lines.

Berkley Powerbait

Another unbeatable product from Berkley. The entire Powerbait series has amazed the fishing world. Of course, it all starts with the original Powerbait, the malleable trout dough. This all-natural soluble dough works so incredibly well when fishing trout ponds that it has changed the entire trout fishing industry. On some ponds it is not even allowed! Powerbait trout dough is malleable and so can be attached to the hook in any shape. By kneading it cleverly, you can, for example, make a wobble that turns under water while you are reeling it in. A trout cannot refuse such a combination of natural and artificial bait. Berkley Powerbait comes in many forms nowadays. Besides the well-known dough, all kinds of bait imitations are available on the market. Think, for example, of imitations of maggots, worms and insects, all very realistic and with a scent that makes the bait irresistible.

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