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Bite alarms

Bite alarms

If you like static fishing, a very important part of your equipment is a bite alarm. In fact, bite alarms are indispensable when night fishing for carp. You don't want to sit watching your rods all night. You want to be woken up by the bite alarm the moment you get a run. Bite alarms, often referred to as beepers, are widely used by anglers targeting carp but are also popular for deadbait fishing for zander and pike. Bite alarms are often adjustable in terms of sensitivity, volume and pitch. The sensitivity of a bite alarm is particularly important as it allows you to respond to the situation and avoid false alarms. You can imagine that when fishing on a windy day, you don’t want the sensitivity to high, as you will constantly be getting false alarms as your line moves in the wind.

Bite Alarms set

A bite alarm works very simply. Simply feed your fishing line through the slot. As soon as the line starts to move (for example on a windy day) you can set the sensitivity to a higher level. As soon as the line begins to move (for example on a carp run) the alarm will start to beep. Bite alarms come in many different shapes and designs. Bite alarms can be bought on their own or as a set. These often consist of 2, 3 or 4 separate alarms combined with a receiver. Such a set is known as a 3+1 alarm kit. You can set these to beep on their own or have them beep on your receiver only. This ensures that your rods remain silent and you are alerted by the receiver lying next to your bedchair in your tent. This equals less noise and faster response, so more catching!

Buy Bite Alarms

When shopping for bite alarms, it’s important to find out what type of bite alarm you require. A simple one with adjustable volume and tone may be all you need, but you may be fishing for a highly sensitive one with a receiver. It is also important that the alarms are waterproof and energy efficient. All the major carp brands have a range of high quality bite alarms. On you will find bite alarm sets from Fox, JRC, Ultimate and Spro.

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