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Electric outboard motors

Electric outboard motors

An electric motor is a quiet motor that is often used by anglers. An electric motor is much quieter than a petrol one, so has many benefits. It is therefore necessary to take a battery with you when using an electric motor. The electric motor works just like a normal motor and can therefore be used both forwards and backwards. They can be weaker than a normal engine and are therefore not suitable for long distances or at high speeds. For slow travel across the water, however, an electric motor is unbeatable. It can be steered very precisely and with the help of an electric motor you can get to the right spots without being noticed. An electric motor is often used by carp anglers who fish out their line and by predator anglers who fish slowly with crankbaits or vertically with softbaits.

Electric motor boat

An electric motor can be used with all types of boats. Attaching an electric motor is simple and is usually done at the back of the boat. The electric motor is screwed to the stern of the boat and the battery is often placed close to it. There are also electric motors on the market that are specifically intended for the front of the boat, so-called bow motors. These motors are often operated with a remote control that you operate either by foot or by hand. Nowadays, there are even electric motors for belly-boats on the market.

Buying an electric outboard motor

If you want to buy an electric motor, first look at the boat that you want to manoeuvre with the motor. Depending on the size and weight of the boat, you should choose a suitable model. For a simple dinghy for carp fishing, you need a light electric motor, while you need quite a lot of power in the motor if you want to go vertical fishing from your large, aluminium predator fishing boat. You should also decide beforehand whether you need a bow motor or whether you want to mount the electric motor on the stern of your boat.

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