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Fly fishing rods

Fly fishing rods

Some of the most elegant fishing you can do is done with the help of a fly rod. Fly fishing is without doubt the most extraordinary technique in the whole angling world. When you see an experienced fly fisherman standing along the water's edge, it simply looks enchanting. The fly line that flies almost hypnotically through the air and the clever way in which the fly fisherman places his artificial fly in the right place are beautiful things to see. A real fly fishing rod is indispensable for this type of fishing. A fly fishing rod is equipped with a special fly fishing reel and a special fly line that takes care of the weight that is cast. Of course, an artificial fly itself weighs almost nothing.

Fly fishing rod set

Because you need a special rod, reel and line for fly fishing, it is handy to buy a ready-made set. In this way you can be sure that all the components of your equipment are well matched. Often, such sets come with a leader and a set of flies, so that you can head straight for the bank and catch some fish.

Fly fishing rod weights

With a fly fishing rod, the reel is often mounted at the very bottom of the rod, while with other rods you often have more handle extending beneath the reel or reel. The rod has special guides or eyes that allow the line to slide easily through. You set the rod in motion with your wrist and arm, and then by swishing the line you place the fly in the right spot. During or before casting, you pull more and more line from the reel, so that you can achieve a greater distance.

A fly fishing rod is not selected on the basis of casting weight, but on the basis of the class. For example, a #2 or 2-wt is for very delicate fly fishing for small trout, a #4 or 4-wt is suitable for fishing for larger trout or sea trout and a #8 or #9 (8-wt or 9-wt) is very suitable for fishing large streamers for pike or salmon.

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