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Keepnets are mainly used by coarse anglers who fish for matches using a pole, a feeder rod or a match rod. At the end of the match the weight of fish in your keepnet is weighed and this determines the winner of the match. The function of this kind of net is simply to hold the fish, which is why it is also called a keepnet or storage net. It is important that the net is long and wide enough for the fish to move comfortably underwater. Keepnets are often supplied in a round or square version with sturdy rings so that the net stays in place. At the end of the net you attach a weight, this can be a piece of lead, for example, so that it sinks well and the net stretches out over the bottom.

Buying a keepnet

When buying a keepnet, consider the length of the net and its diameter. After all, you want to take the best care of the fish you catch. The net material should be soft, so that it does not damage the mucus layer and the scales of the fish. The type of water you are fishing in is also important. For example, a keepnet for running water has larger holes in the mesh, so that the running water flows through the net more easily. In addition to the net itself, you also need a bankstick to which you attach and secure the net by sinking it into the ground. You can also attach the net to your platform or peg.

Net bag

A keepnet is supposed to be full of fish, so it's not surprising that it can have a smell after a day's fishing. Of course, you don't want to throw the net in the car, because you won't get rid of the smell for weeks. There are special live net bags on the market for this purpose. These bags are waterproof and ensure that the smell doesn’t linger in your car. In this way you can put your fishing gear in the car immediately after fishing. However, we always advise to let the net dry out as much as possible after fishing, as this will increase the lifespan of the net. Finally, these kinds of nets should only be used for fishing competitions. Although these days the quality of the net is so high that it does not damage the fish caught, there is nothing better for fish welfare than releasing a fish immediately after the catch.

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