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Wading boots

Wading boots

Wading boots, or gaiters are long boots that come up to the groin and are used a lot in angling. They do not allow you to go as far into the water as a wading suit, but in many cases they can be used just fine. The extra possibilities that you have when you can get into the water up to your groin are unprecedented. You can land a fish more easily, you can cross a ditch or shallow stream, or you can fish in that beautiful river with your fly-fishing set after trout. An extra advantage is that gaiters often take up less space, are more comfortable than wading suits and because of their size, are easier to take to the waterfront.

Buying wading boots

The gaiters we offer are available in all sizes and are all of a reliable quality. The materials used are strong and durable, guaranteeing dry trousers. The advantage of gaiters over full waders is the wearing comfort. Waders can quickly become warm and can also make you feel a little clumsy while walking. Gaiters fit the legs better and are therefore more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. For example, there are many pike anglers who fish with their jerkbaits and they wear a set of wellingtons during the whole fishing day. This way they can get to any spot and if a fish is caught, they just step into the water to unhook it.

Neoprene gaiters

When you are going to buy a pair of gaiters, you have the choice between PVC and neoprene. PVC is the cheaper variant. The PVC boots are lighter of weight, thinner and easier to take with you. The disadvantage of PVC is that it does not insulate as well as neoprene. For the colder months of the year you need neoprene boots or wellies, otherwise it will get too cold in a PVC version. Neoprene is a bit more expensive, but it is also a more durable material. A PVC wading suit gets damaged faster by a sharp stone or thorn bush for example. Neoprene boots are available in different thicknesses. A 5mm thick model is warmer and stronger than a 3mm thick model. For a wide range of wellingtons, visit

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