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Bait boats

Bait boats

A bait boat is nothing less than a remote controlled boat. These boats are often used by carp anglers to put their bait in exactly the right spot. A bait boat is not only for your hookbait, though – at the same time, a quantity of feed such as pellets, particles and boilies can transported by means of a cargo box. It is therefore also possible to feed precisely with a bait boat. The advantage of a bait boat is that you do not have to constantly cast out your lines and you can fish distances or places that are normally inaccessible.

Buying a bait boat

When you want to buy a bait boat, it is important to have a clear idea of how you want to use it. There are differences in the size of the bait boats available, as well as the maximum sailing distance and the reliability of the electronics. The latter is a very important point, since water and electronics are not normally good friends. Feeder boats are often built in such a way that they can withstand some splashing water, but they are never 100 per cent waterproof. In some feeding boats, the entire interior is made watertight by a seal. This makes it more difficult to disassemble and repair the boat if something is wrong with it.

Bait boat carp

A bait boat is very suitable for carp fishing. With the help of a bait boat you can drop your hooklink perfectly on the intended spot. In the dark, it is often difficult to see where exactly the swims are. With a bait boat you can have an excellent view of the water. Even spots that are normally inaccessible from the shore are now a piece of cake with a bait boat. Just think of a fallen tree, a field of ragweed or overhanging bushes or branches – the most interesting spots that are often overlooked are now within reach. With one push on the button you create a feeding spot and drop your bait on top of it. This increases your catching chances enormously.

Bait boat with fishfinder

Some feeding boats are also equipped with on-board fishfinders, often extended with GPS. This gives you more knowledge about the course of the ground and exactly where the fish are. This gives you the means to select and find the very best spot, even in the dark. Using a bait boat with a sounder can really increase your chances of catching fish.

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