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Fish finders

Fish finders

The fish finder has become almost indispensable in many fishing disciplines nowadays. In the past, a fish finder was a real luxury, but nowadays more and more anglers are using them. Technology has not stood still in recent years and has ensured that fish finders are becoming better and cheaper. Whereas you used to have to spend hundreds of pounds to buy a standard depth sounder or fish finder, you can now have depth sounder models for less than a hundred pounds. The quality of these devices is very good. So, it is a wise choice nowadays to mount a depth gauge on your boat or belly-boat.

Fish finder GPS

A fish finder has that name for a reason, but in many cases a fishfinder is used purely for researching the bottom of the water you are fishing on. Based on this data, you can already make a pretty good choice of swim; in many fisheries, finding a slope is almost a guarantee of success. Think for example about fishing with a vertical rod for zander, fishing with shads for big pike or carp fishing on a canal. Actually, finding a single fish is a lot harder, even though the device is called a fish finder. Only with really top-quality devices is it possible to detect a single, lone fish. On the other hand, a school of baitfish is easy to see on a cheaper model. When fishing for predatory fish, for example, this can be very interesting information.

A nice advantage of some depth sounders is the GPS function. With the help of this handy function, you can lock on to a certain spot on a lake and come back to it later.

Fish finder Deeper

The depth sounders of the brand Deeper are very special, because you do not hang these depth sounders on your boat, but you can cast them on your fishing rod. This fish finder in the shape of a ball weighs about 100 grams and is therefore easy to throw with a strong fishing rod. By slowly reeling the Deeper in, you get a perfect view of the bottom via an app on your smartphone and can thus determine the spot where you are going to fish. The Deeper is therefore interesting for all fisheries, for example carp anglers, predatory anglers and even coarse fishermen.

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