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The main reason why the chatterbait is so popular is because it catches virtually no weeds. On waters where a lot of weed grows, the chatterbait is a real breath of fresh air. Because the hooks are well protected, you can pull the lure straight through weed patches without having to worry about getting stuck or picking up weeds on every cast. Seaweed beds are real hotspots for predatory fish in the summer. Seaweed provides shelter, food and oxygen. Chatterbaits have an irresistible action that breaks through dressage on many waters. They are fitted with a lead head and can therefore be fished perfectly close to the bottom. The nervous twitching makes predators aggressive and elicits a response bite even on hard days. A real must-have for every angler!

Chatterbait Pike

Chatterbaits were originally developed in America for fishing for largemouth bass and black bass. This powerful bait can be fitted with a shad and thus offers an extra attraction that is especially popular with pike. We call the chatterbait a reaction-strike lure. That means that the lure provokes aggression bites. Even when a fish is not hungry, you can lure it out of hiding with this lure. When this rattle passes by, the predator will attack the chatterbait out of aggression.

Chatterbait Assembly

You can usually buy a chatterbait ready-made. A chatterbait consists of a leadhead with a metal plate fixed to it. The jig head is usually made from lead or tungsten. The weight, design and colour variations are inexhaustible. There are classic round heads, banana jigs and many more. The hook is fitted with a so-called skirt, which consists of various coloured silicon strings of different lengths. These are located just behind the leadhead. The colourful skirt blows up in the water and contracts again and again when retrieved. This action is irresistible to most predatory fish and the skirt also hides the hook. A must-have for every angler!

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