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Lures are used when actively fishing for predatory fish. Lures are often made of plastic, metal or wood and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. The angler gives the action to the lure by twisting it in, lifting it from the bottom or, for example, by knocking it in motion. The aim is to imitate a sick or injured fish. The predators have an eye for this and are thus enticed to bite. The razor-sharp hooks on the lure, often a treble, ensure that the hook is set immediately. There are many different styles of lures that can be fished in different ways. Some examples of different types of lures are the crankbait, spoon, shad, popper, swimbait and jerkbait.

Lures for pike

Pike is probably the best known predator in our waters and this is also one of the species that is most fished for by anglers. You can use a baitfish, but most anglers choose artificial lures. Lure fishing for pike is a very fun and active style that can also be very effective. Whether you fish with a spinning rod or a baitcaster and whether you fish with a shad or a jerkbait, in many different kinds of water you can easily chase a pike.

Buying lures

When choosing lures, it is important that you have a good idea of the type of fishing you want to do and that you take into account the type of water you want to fish in. When fishing in deep water, it is important that the lure sinks well, for example by choosing a sinking crankbait, shad or spoon. On the other hand, you want to be able to fish in a shallow ditch. So, you don't choose a fast sinking bait, but you choose something with more buoyancy. In coloured water you often choose a bright colour pattern or a colour pattern with a lot of contrast. In clear water, natural colours are often very effective, think for example of an imitation of a rudd or perch. So, make sure you have a well-stocked tackle box with lures, so you can respond to all situations. This will simply bring you more fish.

Lures from top brands such as Savage Gear, Spro, Westin and Salmo are available at

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