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Although the classic blinker or spinner is one of the best-known lures, its American brother is still relatively unknown in Europe. In America, on the other hand, this lure is a standard that belongs to the repertoire of every angler. Whether it is for perch, pike or zander, this bait is effective. Compared to the common blinker, the spinnerbait offers a number of advantages due to its clever construction.

Spinnerbaits pike

Spinnerbaits are a real godsend in waters with a lot of vegetation, where pike often hang out. While you will continuously catch plants with crankbaits or shads, you can fish with a spinnerbait without any problems. This works especially well with pike, asp and perch. Zander, too, will not pass up this aggressive lure. If you like to fish between plants, water-lily-fields or fallen trees, you should really try a spinnerbait.

Perch spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits work best when they are reeled in at a constant speed, just like a regular blinker or crankbait. It's best to retrieve the spinnerbait with a light jerk after casting. A few pauses in between is the best way to force a take from a perch or a pike. When you stop, the so-called skirt of the spinnerbait pulsates, which gives predatory fish an extra trigger to attack the bait. A spinnerbait consists of at least one spinnerblade mounted on a swivel, a hook with a jig head that is usually extended by a skirt made of plastic strings (fringes) and a wire frame that connects the hook to the whole. In most cases, one or more additional spinnerblades are attached to the frame in addition to the top spinner blade. These are kept in the right position by beads. So, it's always handy to have at least one spinnerbait with you, in case you find yourself fishing in heavily vegetated waters.

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