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Fishing spoons


The fishing spoon is a special kind of lure that has been on the market almost since the birth of fishing itself. The spoon used to be very popular, but that popularity has declined in recent years. That's a pity, because the metal fishing spoon has a sublime action under water and offers possibilities that other lures cannot. When you stop reeling it in, the spoon can really 'whirl' underwater. It's a move that can convince many predators to bite. The action of the spoon during retrieve is also very special, the spoon wobbles towards you all the way.

Spoon fishing

As mentioned earlier, the spoon has an action that you will not find in any other lure. The spoon turns in all directions when you retrieve and it reflects the light so that the lure stands out underwater. This unique action also produces a lot of vibrations that predators pick up with its lateral lines. If you stop spinning, the spoon will sink. Often you will see a nice whirling movement, this is the moment for a take. A nice advantage of the spoon is its material. Because a spoon is made from metal, the lure is nice and heavy and you can cast it a long way – it’s also very durable.

Spoon fishing for trout

Spoon fishing is often associated with pike fishing. Nowadays, however, small spoons are also used to fish for trout – an exciting method that can be enormously effective. Using a small casting reel and a light trout rod, in combination with a very thin line, a spoon of only a few grams can be fished very well. The trout is a real predator and won't let such a spoon swim past without a fight.

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