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Feeder rods

Feeder rods

A feeder rod has special characteristics. A feeder rod, also known as simply a feeder, cannot really be compared to other rods. Although there are many similarities, the power of the feeder rod lies in the rod tip. The tip of a feeder rod is very sensitive and provides the bite indication. When you fish with the feeder, your assembly consists of a cage feeder with a bait and a line attached to it. As soon as a fish takes the bait and hooks itself, you get a tap on your sensitive feeder tip. So, you know immediately that you have a bite. A feeder rod is often supplied with several tips. These tips each have their own sensitivity. This allows you to adjust your rod to the (weather) conditions or for example the weight of your feeder.

Method feeder rod

Method feeder fishing and normal feeder fishing do not differ that much. Basically, you can use the same type of fishing rods, although you should always pay attention to the weight of your feeder. The weight of a filled feed basket should always fit within the specified casting weight of the rod. When fishing with the method feeder, you often fish at shorter distances and the weight of the feeder basket is often lighter. As a result, special method feeder rods are often lighter and shorter, purely because they are less heavily loaded than normal feeder rods. The rods themselves are often quite similar. Both feeder and method feeder rods have a solid body to hold a basket, but the tips are very light and ideal for bite registration.

Feeder rod set

Do you want to be sure you are combining the right rod, line and reel? Then take a look at a complete feeder set. These sets are made for and by anglers. The rod and reel are therefore well balanced and the fishing line supplied is suitable for feeder fishing. Take a good look at the waters you intend to fish for feeder. If you are fishing a large canal, river or lake, you need a long, heavy rod. If you are fishing for smaller bodies of water, a lighter and shorter rod will suffice. A complete feeder set also includes feeders, leaders and all the other small tackle you will need.

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