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Method feeders

Method feeders

Feeder fishing is not new, but method feeder fishing still is! The method feeder is actually an improved and more effective variant of the conventional feed basket. Method feeder fishing actually originated from fanatical feeder anglers who copied the intricacies of carp fishing. In carp fishing, the rigs, boilies and the heavy lead had already been using a self-hooking system for some time. In method feeder fishing, of course, everything is a little more subtle, but the idea is the same. A fish hooks itself on the weight of the method feeder 'basket', on a rig where the bait is mounted on a hair for good hooking. A hugely effective method that has really changed the way we fish for bream, tench and small carp.

Method feeder assembly

As mentioned earlier, the method feeder is very similar to the one used by carp anglers in their static fishing. The basis is the method feeder itself. This is a kind of basket around which you mould the sticky method feeder feed (groundbait or pellets). This method feeder also provides the weight on which the fish will hook. Attached to the method feeder is a hair rig, which is often used to attach a boilie or pellet. When the fish picks up this bait, it pricks itself in the lip and this causes a startle reaction. As the fish swims away, the lead weight ensures that the hook is pulled into the lip. A take will therefore be clearly visible through the top of your method feeder rod bending.

Method feeder set

A method feeder assembly is quite simple and easy to assemble. One of the best ways to start fishing with a method feeder is to purchase a method feeder set. That way you know you have exactly what you need for the assembly. There are even sets available that include a reel, rod and line. This way, you are ready for this type of fishing in one go. Many method feeder sets are supplied with a method mould for filling the method feeder. You place food in the mould and you press the method feeder (basket) into the food. This automatically fills the basket and you are ready to cast.

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