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Fishing feeders


Feeder fishing has been a popular style within coarse fishing for years and has become even more popular in recent times. It shouldn’t be surprising because feeder fishing opens up many new possibilities for anglers. This handy technique makes it possible to fish accurately at long distances and even to feed lightly. Many anglers soon realised that this was a brilliant technique and more and so more anglers started to fish with the feed basket. In recent years this technique has become more and more specialised and has been thought out in every detail. It is not for nothing that still a huge number of coarse fishing competitions are won with a full keepnet using the feeder.

Feeders without lead

A new development in angling is the change in our use of lead. We are all striving to use less and less lead. It is therefore logical that feeders (and many other angling products) are now produced without the use of lead. Instead of lead, another metal is used so that the feeder retains its casting weight. Fishing without lead is more environmentally friendly and developments in this area are ongoing. It is expected that lead fishing will no longer be the norm within the next 10 years or so.

Buying feeders

When you want to buy feeders, it is important that you consider what kind you need for your style of fishing. After all, you use completely different feeders when you are fishing on a park pond than when you are trying to fish on a fast-flowing river. The weight of the feeders is especially important. You need to use enough weight so that the bait remains still on the bottom, even in a strong current. In a pond or lake, therefore, you need less weight than on a river. Also, your feeder rod should be able to handle the weight of the (full) feeder. In addition, there are many different models of feeding baskets. Think of the speed basket, the maggot basket or the increasingly popular method feeder. Find a feeder that suits your fishing style best and you'll be amazed at how effective feeder fishing can be.

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