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Fishing floats


Fishing is just ‘staring at a float’ is often said by people who do not fish. For many anglers this is of course not true at all, but there is certainly a grain of truth in this statement. Fishing with a float on your rod is the classic way of fishing and every angler has some experience with this type of fishing. In the past it started with a simple float on your bamboo rod, nowadays it might be a geepdobber on your beach rod or a deadbait float when predator fishing, the float remains a key part of angling. Even fishing with super light floats for roach, for example, is still a very special and very entertaining method. You will gladly sit down in your fishing chair for a few hours to stare at a float.

Coarse fishing floats

As just mentioned, fishing for coarse species with a float is a very enjoyable and precise method where everything comes down to fine details. With these you can really make the difference between an empty and a full net. The range of floats available for this type of fishing is huge, but by thinking carefully about the situation you are fishing in, you can easily make a selection. The rougher the water, the heavier the float you need. It is also useful to attach a highly visible float to the line when you have to fish a little further out from the shore. After all, it's all about striking at the right moment when the float disappears out of sight.

Aligning floats

A float is often not weighted. You attach the float to the line and then you plumb it with the help of a pinch lead or shot. Without any weight under it, the bobber lies flat on the water. By adding little bits of shot gradually, you can ensure that only the small tip of the float sticks out of the water. If you do this correctly, you will be able to see exactly when you have a bite and the fish on your swim will feel no resistance when the float or bobber is pulled under. A well aligned float simply gives you more catches.

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