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Fishing pliers


A pike has more than 700 razor-sharp teeth in its mouth. So, it can be very dangerous to unhook them with your bare hands. For this reason, there are various types of fishing pliers on the market, each with its own application. For example, there are long unhooking pliers for unhooking predator fish with sharp teeth, cutter pliers for cutting hooks and lines, split ring pliers for easy changing of hooks and trenching pliers which are indispensable when making your own leaders.

Unhooking pliers pike

As mentioned earlier, it is important to have a pair of suitable unhooking pliers with you when fishing for pike. A long pair of pliers, at least 25cm long, is necessary because pike sometimes slide all over the lure or the baitfish, causing the hooks to end up in the back of their mouths. You want to remove these deep hooks safely, without damaging yourself or the pike. A decent pair of cutters is also important. Is a pike fouling you or is it in an awkward spot? You can then easily cut through the treble hook to remove the lure. These cutters are also very important if you are unlucky enough to get a hook in your own hand. Especially when there is a pike hanging on the other treble hook, you will be happy if you can cut the hook quickly.

Unhooking pliers

A good pair of unhooking pliers is always a very important pike fishing accessory. The pliers should be sturdy so that you can put a lot of pressure on the hook to remove it easily. The handles of the pliers should fit well in the hand and have an anti-slip layer, so that you have a good grip. Of course, it is good if the pliers do not rust, because when you are fishing they will often get wet.

In short, make sure you always have a set of pliers in your fishing bag!

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