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Floatation suits

Floatation suits

Safety first, that's the most important thing! And with a floatation suit, you are prepared for anything. The floatation suits have a layer with a very large buoyancy, so that if you fall overboard while fishing, this suit makes sure you stay afloat and you can save your life. So, this really is an indispensable item when you go out to sea in a boat. In rough conditions, you do not want to be on the water without a flotation suit. It rarely happens that you fall overboard, but if it happens you want to be well prepared.

Fishing flotation suits

An extra advantage of a flotation suit is the warmth it provides. A flotation suit is comparable to a heat suit in terms of warmth. However, a flotation suit is often a bit stiffer than a wetsuit, because of the floating layer inside the suit. A consequence of this is that a flotation suit is less comfortable to wear than a warmth suit, the suit is simply a bit stiffer. Of course, a flotation suit is, just like a warmth suit, always waterproof so that you also have a good protection against bad weather conditions.

Sunridge flotation suits

There are all kinds of brands of flotation suits, mostly brands that are specialised in making fishing wear or real sea fishing brands. Some well-known brands that supply top quality floatation suits are Sundridge, Penn and Westin. These suits are made from the highest quality materials and ensure that you can feel safe on the water. The water and windproof suits keep you warm and dry during the roughest showers. The reflective stripes on the floatation suits on the market make you highly visible, both when fishing from the shore and from a boat. Should you fall overboard, you will be found more quickly if you stand out. This is also the reason why, contrary to wetsuits, floatation suits often come in striking, bright colours.

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