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Kids fishing rods

Kids fishing rods

For the young novice angler, the search for a suitable children's fishing rod can be tricky. To help you find out which type of fishing rod is suitable for a child, we have produced this easy guide below.

Fishing rod for children

The most important distinction to make first is whether you want to fish with a casting rod and reel or with a pole. A pole is generally used to fish for coarse species such as roach and bream. This simpler method uses a pole to which a rig is attached, consisting of a piece of nylon line with a float and a hook. The hook can be fished with, for example, bread, maggots, corn or worms. This fishing is done fairly close to the shore.

Fishing with a spinning rod is more difficult, as the bait has to be cast out using the casting technique. The advantage of this type of fishing is that it often allows you to fish further from the shore.

Children's casting rod

The casting rod contains a reel with spooled line. While catching a fish, line can be given and taken with the so-called 'drag function'. As a result, the casting rod often catches bigger and stronger fish and the line does not snap. Fishing with artificial lures (such as a blinker) for pike requires a casting rod. Because every casting-rod has different characteristics such as length, thickness, material and weight, it can be difficult to choose the right one. A safe choice is the so-called 'all-round' rod. With this rod, a child can easily become acquainted with various types of fishing. All-round rods are often offered with a reel as a set of rods. When a child has more experience of fishing, a specific type of rod can be sought. In addition to the all-round rods, all rods are developed and produced for specific fisheries. For example, there are casting rods for sea fishing, predator fishing, carp fishing and feeder fishing. These rods are designed to have the best characteristics for the desired type of fishing.

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