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Rapala has stood for first-class lures since 1936 and the brand is famous in the fishing world. The Finnish founder Lauri Rapala always attached great importance to the high-quality processing of his Rapala lures. With high-quality balsa wood and plastic, he set new standards in lure construction. The Rapala crankbait is a true classic that should not be missing from any fishing bag or tackle box. For generations, anglers have sworn by the unique and extremely seductive swimming characteristics of Rapala crankbaits. For some, the brand Rapala may sound old-fashioned, but it certainly is not. The brand continues to amaze the fishing world with the development of the most innovative crankbaits, each with a unique action. Based on the experience of anglers, Rapala has continued to expand its range of lures.

In addition to lures, Rapala now offers many other products such as predator fishing bags and backpacks, which allow you to store everything safely during your fishing trip. Rapala accessories are also growing in popularity, including a wide selection of pliers and measuring tapes.

Rapala x rap

In Europe, Rapala crankbaits are used to catch various species of predatory fish. They are mainly fished for pike, perch, zander, trout, chub and asp. The crankbaits differ in shape, action and floating style. The action of the lure is mainly determined by three factors: the shape, the lip and the weight. The choice of a crankbait depends on the fish that you want to catch and on the characteristics of the water. Make your choice accordingly and take into account the depth, current and visibility of the water. The Rapala X-Rap is a true classic, but time has not stood still and this is reflected in the supply of innovative crankbaits. For example, the new Rapala X-Rap Peto hybrid was recently introduced in the X-Rap series, a real game-changer.

Rapala Crankbaits

Rapala has thought of a lure for every situation. In the past few years dozens of new crankbaits have been added. For pike fishing in canals and small ditches the Jointed Floating, Jointed X-Rap, Shad Rap and the Super Shadow Rap are excellent candidates. These crankbaits go no deeper than 1.5 metres and each one has a unique action. The Jointed Floating in particular has proven itself time and time again in shallower waters. When trolling, the Shad Rap or the MaxRap are used more often. Fishing with crankbaits for perch is also becoming increasingly popular. Crankbaits up to 10cm are the best choice.

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