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Ronnie rigs

Ronnie rigs

Catching a carp can be easy but every angler knows that there are days when you need to pull out all the stops! As the increasingly-cunning carp gets smarter and more cautious, it's important to be creative when it comes to carp fishing. One answer to this so-called dressage is the Ronnie Rig. The Ronnie Rig, also called spinner rig, is a true pop-up rig. As far as we know, this rig was invented by carp angler Gary Archer. This rig is simple but extremely effective.

Ronnie Rig Korda

Korda is one of the best known brands in carp fishing. By putting this rig in the centre of the 2017 masterclass, Korda brought this rig to the attention of the public. As a result, the Ronnie Rig has become quite well known. It's an extremely useful rig that should definitely not be missing in the tackle box of every carp angler.

Making a Ronnie Rig

You can buy the Ronnie Rig ready-made or you can make it yourself. There are a number of things that are essential for the rig to work correctly. Firstly, it's important to use a 360-degree hook swivel or quick-change ring swivel to attach the hook. This gives the hook the full freedom of movement to turn in and pierce the lower lip of the carp, regardless of the swimming direction. It also allows you to quickly change hooks when the hook point has become blunt, for example due to stones or mussels. It is also advisable to use a no-escape lead clip system, so that the carp cannot use the lead weight to release the hook by shaking its head. The hook size is up to you, but preferably one with a curved pattern (curve hook) with an eye that points inwards. Requirements for the Ronnie Rig in a row: Curve hook (inward pointing eye), Quick change ring swivel, micro swivel, shrink tube, anti-tangle sleeve, tungsten putty, scissors, hooklink material (as you like it).

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