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Fishing rigs


Although fishing disciplines sometimes differ completely, almost all techniques have one thing in common: they use leaders. Of course, these leaders differ enormously from one style to the next. For subtle coarse fishing for small silver fish a very fine fluorocarbon hooklink is used, while pike anglers on big water fish with a wire trace as a hooklink. The fact is, however, that leaders appear in almost all styles of fishing, often for a variety of reasons. For example, when fishing for pike you have a steel leader so that the pike cannot bite through the line. For winter fishing with the fixed rod for roach, the underline is not against sharp teeth, but has the purpose to be as inconspicuous as possible. In this way, you will also attract that extra cautious roach.

Making leaders

Whatever fishing style you are involved in, you can always make your own leaders – from carp leaders to paternosters for sea fishing, from titanium jerkbait leaders to fluorocarbon leaders for trout fly fishing. A leader is often a very simple part of your rig, but it is very important that it is 100 per cent correct. It is sometimes said that the last metre of your assembly is the most important metre and that is not without reason. A leader should have a razor-sharp hook that has room to turn in and should be 100 per cent reliable, so that you can take on the fight with confidence. All the parts you need to make your own leaders are available separately, so you can always make your favourite leader according to your own specifications.

Leader lines for sea fishing

When fishing at sea, paternosters are often used. These are leaders with multiple hooks attached to them. Often three, five or even six hooks are attached simultaneously. This ensures that you can catch several fish at once. When fishing for flatfish, you often see this happening. Sea fishing leaders are also available for fishing for mackerel and herring. The hooks are fitted with a piece of wool or a glitter, the mackerel and herring swim in such large schools that it prevents every hook from being full when you are in the right place! A wide range of leaders for all fisheries can be found at

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