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Carolina rigs

Carolina rigs

In addition to the dropshot method, the Carolina Rig has gained enormous popularity in recent years. This finesse technique has also come over from America, as the name suggests. This rig is used to fish for large perch, especially in the winter. Pike and zander also often cannot resist this method of fishing.

Carolina Rig Assembly

The Carolina Rig consists of two parts: the bait line and the so-called 'sliding piece' with a lead and a glass bead. The lead isn't attached to the hook, like with a jig head, so your bait runs weightless. This ensures that the fish has to make very little effort to suck the lure into their mouths. The lead taps against the bead, which causes an enticing ticking sound. The curious perch will have a hard time resisting this!

With the Carolina Rig you fish directly over the bottom. Use an average of 10/00 braided line as your main line. Attach the sliding part directly to the main line. Use about 40cm of fluorocarbon of 30-40/00 (depending on the bottom structure) and connect it with an Allbright- or FG knot directly to the main line. Then slide a stopper up to the top of the slider, followed by a sliding lead and the glass bead. To finish off the slide, we place a swivel at the bottom.

To this swivel we attach the leader with a half blood knot. For this we use 50-80cm of 30/00 fluorocarbon. You can vary the length and thickness. At the bottom of the leader, we attach a special hook, suitable for weedless fishing. Weedless means that the hook point is hidden in the shad, so will not snag as easily on vegetation. When you get a take, the lure slides over the hook bend and the hook point is released and the hook can be set. Depending on the profile (thickness) of your shad or creature bait, we choose the right hook. When fishing with the Carolina Rig we distinguish two types of hooks: the worm hook and the wide gape hook. The worm hook is used for shads with a slim profile like imitation worms and the wide gape hooks for shads and lobster imitations.  

Carolina Rig Set

When you find it difficult to work the Carolina Rig yourself, it's wise to buy a ready-made Carolina Rig Set. With this set you are completely equipped and with one simple knot you can start chasing the big predator fish.

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