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Not so long ago, every angler fished with a nylon line because there was nothing else that could be used. At one point, braided line also became common and every angler could spool these lines onto their reel. A more recent development, and a very popular one, is the introduction of fluorocarbon lines. A fluorocarbon line is very similar to a nylon line, but differs in some areas. A fluorocarbon line is heavier and therefore sinks faster to the bottom, which is a very nice feature when carp fishing. A fluorocarbon line is also less visible under water and the material is more abrasion resistant than a normal nylon line.

Fluorocarbon line

The advantages of a fluorocarbon line are clear: the line is heavier, less visible and the line is more resistant to abrasion from the sharp spots on the bottom, think for example of a rock bottom or fishing on a mussel bed. Also, the influence of UV light has little effect on a fluorocarbon line, making fluorocarbon last twice as long as a nylon line. Of course, there are also some disadvantages to a fluorocarbon line. These lines are more expensive, are often a little stiffer (this makes casting more difficult) and a fluorocarbon line contains less stretch than nylon, although this can be seen as an advantage as well as a disadvantage.

Fluorocarbon hook line

There are fluorocarbon lines on the market that consist entirely of fluorocarbon but there are also nylon lines that are coated with a fluorocarbon layer, often called hybrid lines. Want to be sure that your line is 100 per cent fluorocarbon? Hold a lighter near the line. Does the line melt and no flame appears on the line? Then it is a genuine fluorocarbon line. Fluorocarbon, also known as FC, is widely used for making leaders for both predator and carp fishing. Due to the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon, you can use a thicker version (minimum 0.8mm) without any problems as an underline for pike fishing.

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