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Braided fishing line

Braided line

The fishing line is probably one of the most important parts of any fishing outfit. Your equipment is only as strong as its weakest point and therefore it is very important that you use a strong line that is suitable for the fishing you are doing. For many disciplines, a nylon or monofilament line is used, but there are also fishing styles where a braided line offers many advantages. Braided line has much less stretch and such lines are often much stronger. A braided line is often made from a material called Dyneema.

Braided line carp

Although braided line is often very popular among predator anglers, braid is also often used by carp anglers. Especially with static fishing at long distances, if you are fishing at more than 100 metres in water with many obstacles, you need to be able to stop a fish from charging off when it is hooked to avoid it getting snagged. When fishing for carp, a braided line is preferably sinking, so that the line stretches nicely over the bottom. This is not as important when fishing for predatory fish. Predator fishermen choose braided lines because of the lack of stretch in the line. When fishing with lures, this ensures that bites are felt immediately and that you can set the hook quickly and hard. Another great advantage of braided lines is the extra pulling power.

Braided line knotting

It is very important to knot a braided line properly. The lines are often thinner and smoother than other lines, which is why not every knot is suitable for braided line. When knotting braided line, it is often recommended to put an extra winding in the knot, to prevent a sliding knot. Of course, you make the knot wet before you tie it and you test each knot thoroughly. You want to avoid losing a fish just before the net because of a bad knot! Reeling in a braided line is easy and can be done exactly the same way as you are used to reeling in a line.

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