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Salmo takes its name from the word ‘salmonid’ which is the name for the fish family that includes salmon, trout and several others. The manufacturer is based in Poland and from there it produces its lures, which are now known all over the world. For several decades the company has been an expert in producing lures that have become a staple in the tackle box of most anglers. This is mainly because Salmo crankbaits catch fish! Most Salmo crankbaits have a rather modest appearance and at first glance they may look inconspicuous. This is exactly what distinguishes Salmo from other lures. The philosophy behind the lures is that they should be functional, durable and above all extremely irritating to predatory fish. Salmo has made the lures especially attractive for the predator fish and not for the fisherman.

Salmo Hornet

Within the enormous range of lures, the ideal lure has been developed for every conceivable application. Whether you fish for perch, pike, zander, asp or salmonid, Salmo has the perfect solution. It doesn’t even matter if you fish in running water or still water. All Salmo crankbaits have been extensively tested by a team of professionals and it really shows! One of the most popular lures of all time is the Salmo Hornet. This small, at first inconspicuous, crankbait has an unreal nervous action that is impossible to resist for predators, including pike, perch and trout.

Salmo slider

Besides the Hornet, the Fatso and the Slider are extremely popular lures. Both of these lures have very different actions compared to the Hornet. The Fatso is a crankbait without a lip and it is a very versatile lure. It can be used for casting, trolling as well as for jerkbait fishing. This way you can fish in different water layers. There is also the Salmo Slider. The Slider is a jerkbait that has a beautiful gliding action that can really make a difference on some days. These three very different crankbaits should be in every predator's tackle box.

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