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Unhooking mats

Unhooking mats

You want to protect the beautiful catch that you have just landed, after all, you have to look after the beautiful fish that swim in our waters. Nowadays, it is much more common to use an unhooking mat for many species, which is a good and important development for fish care. An unhooking mat has been made compulsory on an increasing number of waters by fishing clubs and associations and so an unhooking mat is now just as important and indispensable as, for example, a bivvy, your fishing line or an umbrella. An unhooking mat ensures optimum protection of the scales and slime coat of a fish. However, it is important that you wet the unhooking mat beforehand, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Buying an unhooking mat

There are quite a few choices when it comes to choosing an unhooking mat. There are unhooking mats from as low as £10, but there are also models that cost well over £100. A simple, standard unhooking mat is small and easy to transport. This kind of unhooking mat is often used by predator anglers that fish with lures. For them, it is important that the unhooking mat does not take up too much space and can be easily carried on the back or at the hip. Predators can usually be quickly and easily unhooked. For carp fishing and static deadbait fishing, there are larger and more luxurious unhooking mats on the market. The cradle unhooking mat is an unhooking mat with raised edges that make it impossible for a caught fish to slide off the mat. There are even models of unhooking mats on the market that have legs. The fish is slightly off the ground, making it easier to unhook and pose for a quick photo.

Unhooking mat for pike

For every fish it is of great importance that it is treated well after being caught. After all, most of us fish according to the catch and release principle and we want to return the fish in good health, so that we may catch it again when it has grown. Especially vulnerable fish such as pike need extra attention. You can imagine that the mucus layer of a pike gets damaged when you put it on the ground while unhooking it. This can cause illness or even death. Pity, because you just saw this beautiful pike sliding over your jerkbait! You want other anglers to be able to experience that joy too, so chose a nice unhooking mat at

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