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Carp fishing reels

Carp reels

The carp is a strong fish that is often hunted from a distance, therefore a good, large and strong carp reel is indispensable. With the power of a carp, they can easily pull a lot of line off the spool. Therefore, you should have plenty of line on the spool, not just because of the distance you fish but because of the fighting power of carp. It is important that the carp reel has a large spool that releases line easily. This makes both casting and running a baitboat a lot easier. Due to the large spool of the carp reel, the pull-in speed of a carp reel is high, which ensures that you will have your assembly in place quickly, even when you are fishing at great distances.

Carp reels with Baitrunner

Shimano has made a real breakthrough in carp reels by introducing the Baitrunner function. With the help of the Baitrunner, also called a free-running system, you open the spool with one simple click. This allows the carp to simply pull the line from the reel and the bite alarm is activated. As soon as the angler picks up the rod and starts to turn the crank, the Baitrunner function closes and you can immediately play the fish on a properly adjusted slip. A real godsend for static carp fishing. Other brands use some similar systems, but Shimano has patented Baitrunner.

Buy carp reels

When you fish for carp, you cannot do without a set of good carp reels. It is important to know exactly what you want to do with the reels before you make a final choice. If you fish a lot on small-scale waters and on small distances, you need smaller reels than if you only fish on big waters, then perhaps a Big Pit reel is a good option. You can choose between reels with a freespool system, but reels with a quick drag system are also very popular. Are you not going to fish statically, but with a pen or bread crust? Then choose a smaller and especially a lighter reel. With such active fishing it is nice to have a light model, after all, you have the rod and reel in your hands the whole day. This is less important for static fishing as the rods are usually mounted on a rod pod.

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