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Lead alternatives

Lead alternatives

Lead has been used in angling almost since the dawn of time. One of most well-known uses is for split shot used to weight the line. However, there are countless types of lead applications in fishing, some using weights of up to 500 grams. So, there is a lead application for every fishing discipline – from carp fishing to sea fishing. However, lead is an undesirable substance because it is toxic to humans and animals. Therefore, more environmentally-friendly alternatives are increasingly being sought to increase the weight of hookbaits and lures.


Tungsten is one of the most popular alternatives to lead. The advantage of tungsten is that it is even more dense than lead, meaning it offers more weight in the same size. In addition, the material is harder and therefore gives a better feeling in contact with the bottom and is more durable. Many anglers swear by tungsten and use nothing else. Tungsten has been used extensively in the last few years, especially in finesse techniques such as the Carolina rig, where a so-called 'tungsten bullet weight' is used. The bullet weight is dragged over the bottom continuously, just like in dropshotting. This gives the tungsten weight an excellent feel for the movement of the bottom. With the help of a tungsten weight, it is easy to distinguish between different depths and structures. This is, of course, ideal when you are looking for a mussel bed or a hard sand bank. The only disadvantage of tungsten is that it has a bigger price tag than lead. Other alternatives include iron, stone, concrete, glass and nickel.

Tungsten jig heads

Tungsten jig heads have become immensely popular among anglers. Because the tungsten jig head is smaller than the traditional leadhead, it has less resistance as the lure moves through the water. This affects the action of the bait and is therefore another good reason to choose tungsten. Another reason for anglers to use tungsten is because they have a sense of responsibility and want to contribute to a better environment.

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