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One of the most popular types of fishing boats are inflatable boats. The name says it all: they are easy to inflate and therefore easy to transport. Usually, a dinghy fits easily in the boot of your car and the purchase of a trailer is not necessary. Rubber boats have several advantages compared to fishing from the shore. You can reach places and depths that you would never reach as a shore angler. In addition, with the help of a fish finder you can find the right spot where the most fish are. Therefore, a rubber boat can increase your chances of catching fish enormously.

Inflatable boat

The handy thing about an inflatable boat is that it is easy to transport and store. That gives you the possibility to be very mobile and you also save on storage costs and the purchase of a boat trailer. These boats are also very light and therefore very agile. Ideal for when you sail through the city or in places where there is a lot of shipping.

Rubber dinghy with motor

When buying a dinghy, it is important to have a clear view of the requirements you have for the boat. There are different types of inflatable boats. You can choose between a dinghy with paddles or a dinghy with a motor. Carp anglers who want to sail silently to their feeding spots usually use a rubber dinghy with paddles or a rubber dinghy with an electric motorThey do not need to travel long distances and therefore have different requirements for a rubber dinghy than a predator. Carp anglers often use prods to look for suitable spots such as mussel beds, hard sandy banks and gullies or ridges. When fishing for predatory fish, a rubber dinghy with a motor is often chosen, whereby moving the boat is an important element. Trolling is a popular method of pike fishing with crankbaits or casting with shads.  Anglers of predatory fish often make higher demands on a rubber boat. You are on the boat for a long time and therefore comfort is an important requirement.


In summary, it is not for nothing that the inflatable boat is becoming increasingly popular. An inflatable boat is light and does not need a powerful outboard motor. They are also relatively cheap compared to other types of boats and require little maintenance. So, when you buy a dinghy, think carefully about what you are going to use it for and make the right demands. By using the right additional aids, you will increase your chances of catching more fish.

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