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Almost everyone is familiar with the fishing reel; even non-fishermen will recognise this product. The style of reel known as a baitcaster is a little less known, but the function of it is quite similar to a normal reel. A baitcaster is also used to reel up the line and is also equipped with an adjustable drag with which you can set the force required to pull the line off the spool. A normal reel is suitable for almost all fishing methods, but this is not the case with a baitcasting reel. Baitcasters are mainly used for predator fishing and especially for fishing where many precise casts are required. A baitcaster is also often used when fishing for heavy fish, such as catfish or heavy lures for pike. Because the spindle of the reel is fixed in the reel on both sides, contrary to how it works with a spinning reel, a baitcaster is stronger and therefore suitable for heavier loads.

Predator reel

Especially in the predator fishing you often see baitcasting reels. When fishing for predators, you often fish with lures and you make a lot of casts. A baitcaster is ideal for this. Because you can use your thumb to feather the line, the casts are more precise and it is easier to cast where you expect the predator to be, for example under that overhanging bush or right next to that jetty. A drop reel is often used for predatory fishing. This is a low-profile model reel that is very comfortable to hold. This is the best choice when you are fishing with lures that are not too heavy. Round reels, or multipliers, are often a bit heavier and less comfortable to fish with. However, this is exactly what you need when you want to fish with really heavy material.

Buying a baitcaster

Before you buy a baitcaster, make sure you know what you are going to use it for. You can use a baitcaster or multiplier for wreck fishing but you can also use a jig head of 3 grams. Of course, you will need completely different reels for these purposes, so we recommend that you read up on the subject well before you decide to buy one. Baitcaster reels are available in many price ranges and from many different brands. Real quality brands are for example Abu Garcia and Shimano.

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